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Reiki is a very simple and effective spiritual healing art, requires nothing but your two hands and intention for curing acute or chronic diseases even where modern medicine has no answer.

Amar Kumar speaks on Reiki and Spirituality
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monthly training schedule

Reiki 2 - May 30-31

Reiki 1 - Jun 6-7

Children Holiday Special Reiki & Meditation - Jun 8-9 Duration 4 hrs

Reiki 1 - June 13-14

Reiki 1 - June 20-21

Reiki 2 - Jun 27-28

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5.Holiday Special For Children - Reiki & Meditation-Jun 8-9

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Regular workshops available in mumbai, pune and delhi

children's "special" available during school vacations

meditation is included in reiki workshop

  • Reiki heals physical and
    mental ailments.
  • Reiki gives extreme
    relaxation and peace.
  • Reiki energises & makes
    one joyous.
  • Reiki is like nature cure.

  • Reiki is drugless and
    mental ailments.harmless.
  • Reiki is simple but very
    mental ailments.effective.

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