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dr. amar kumar
traditional reiki master teacher
(grand master)
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heal your life with reiki

reiki is a very simple and effective spiritual healing art, requires nothing but your two hands and intention for curing acute or chronic diseases even where modern medicine has no answer.


listen to dr. amar kumar speaking on reiki
at the world confluence of humanity, power and spirituality

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  dr. amar kumar teaches reiki in its original and traditional form

meditation is also taught here

reiki classes now available in mumbai, pune and new delhi

  avail counselling / psychotherapy services
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reiki  heals physical and mental               ailments.


reiki gives extreme relaxation and              peace.

  reiki energises & makes one joyous

reiki  is like nature cure.


reiki is drugless and              harmless

  reiki is simple but very              effective.

visit us at
reiki kendra
(govt. regd.),
24/1/1, alipore road,
kolkata - 700027 (india)
(air conditioned)
98310 17775

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